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4 horas atrás

We are living in times of history, learning, resistance and permanent struggle for the defense of our Homeland. I swear that I will always be with our people, ready to face battles; I will never surrender. Love Pays With Love!

4 horas atrás

We are building the Bolivarian Socialism of the 21st century for our young people, who are the future of the Homeland. Be assured that I will never surrender or betray you. You can always count on me!


5 horas atrás

We thank Army General, Raúl Castro Ruz and our brother, President @DiazCanelB, for hosting us yesterday. We transmitted President @NicolasMaduro ‘s embrace with solidarity. The relations between Cuba and Venezuela strengthens as imperialism attacks us. We shall overcome!

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5 horas atrás

The criminal US financial blockade on Venezuela risks the lives of Venezuelan children that received transplants in Argentina thanks to the support of PDVSA. It has been impossible to transfer resources so that they can continue their treatments. #TrumpUnblockVenezuela

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Maríade los Ángeles

Estos niños fueron enviados a Argentina para recibir trasplantes de hígado. Todo fue financiado por PDVSA.

No han podido continuar su tratamiento luego del bloqueo impuesto por EE.UU. contra el país.

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